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Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) in Ottawa

Kelley Raab, MDiv, RP, Registered Psychotherapist
Kelley Raab, RP (Registered Psychotherapist)

I am a psychotherapist, teacher, and writer. While I have engaged in several career pursuits over the years, all of them have been focused on my passion – exploring the intersection of spirituality and psychology.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, I earned two graduate degrees in religion, a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Religious Studies. In these master’s programs I was fortunate to read the work of Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Erich Fromm, Victor Frankl and others interested how spirituality and psychology overlap and inform one another. After earning my Master of Divinity, I completed a year-long training program in counseling; at that time, however, I chose to enter a doctoral program focusing on psychology and religion, with the goal of becoming a university professor. So, after completing my PhD in religious studies at the University of Ottawa, I embarked on a fourteen-year academic career, teaching at small liberal arts universities in the United States.

After a while, I realized I wanted to go deeper than was possible with an academic appointment in religious studies, and I obtained additional training in counseling at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. At about that time I immigrated to Canada.

What My Clinic Can Help You With



As a registered psychotherapist (RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, I have expertise in a number of different therapies. My specialty is Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP), a therapy explores questions of meaning and purpose…

Grief Counseling

Grief is the tangled ball of emotions that can hit you when you experience a loss. In itself, grief is not an illness but rather a normal reaction to loss. There are many types of loss, including death, loss of a relationship, loss of health, change or loss of job, moving, and more…


My workshop, “Essential Spirituality: 7 Practices,” is based on the teachings and exercises outlined in Essential Spirituality by Dr. Roger Walsh. If you aren’t sure what spirituality is or want to learn more, this workshop can help you…

Clinical Supervision

As defined by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, clinical supervision is “a contractual relationship in which a clinical supervisor engages with a supervisee to discuss the direction of therapy and the therapeutic relationship…